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Founder/Principal Partner

Telephone: +234 8033066686
Email: mbanire@mabandassocioates.com

Muiz Adeyemi Banire(SAN), a Notary Public and erudite legal scholar has a doctorate degree in Property Law from the University of Lagos.He was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Private and Properly Law, University of Lagos and has also been in active legal practice for years. He is a prolific writer on different areas of law and also has robust public service experience as a Commissioner in Lagos State Government.

Practice Areas

His main areas of expertise are Property Law, Secured Credit Transaction, Law of Trusts, Arbitration, Constitutional Law, Transportation Law, Environmental Law, Legislative Advocacy and International Human Rights.


LLB (Hons), LL.M, Ph.D, B.L

Professional affiliation
Nigerian Bar Association
African Bar Association
International Bar Association
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

His Writings

He is the author of:
The Nigerian Law of Trusts (2002)
Land Management in Nigeria; Towards a New Legal Framework
Co-author of The Blue Book 2004: Practical Approach to the High Court of Lagos State (Civil Procedure) Rules 2004

He also has several published articles to his credit, among which are:

“Customary Tenancy and the Land Use Act: A Critical Review” (1995);
“Juxtaposing the Land Use Act and The Urban and Regional Planning Decree, 1992: A critique” (1997);
“The Limit of Consent Provision under the Land Use Act 1978: A Review of Ajilo v Savannah Bank Limited” (1988):
“The Legal and Social Security of the Rent Control and Recovery of Residential Premises Edict (No.6) 1997 of Lagos State” (1999);
“Trusteeship Concept under the Land Use Act: Mirage or Reality?” (2003);  “Arbitration and Enforcement of Securities in Nigeria” (2003);
“Overcoming the Difficulty in Registering Caution on the Certificates of Occupancy in Lagos State” (2003);
“Overhauling the Presumption of Advancement” (2003);
“The Relevance of the Certificate of Occupancy to Estate Development” (1997);
“Legal Aid in the Administration of Justice in Nigeria” (1997);
“Critical Appraisal of the Democratic Principles Enshrined in the Management of Corporate Real Property Under Customary Law” (1997):
“Positive Planning Par Excellence Under The Nigerian Urban and Regional Planning Decree 1988” (1992);
“The Impact of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in the Law of Advancement” (1999);
“The Concept and Functions of Leases” (2003);
“Documentation and Perfection of Securities in Nigeria” (1999);
“Towards Effective Control and Management of Land in Nigeria: A Re-Evaluation of The Land Use Act (1990)” (2004)
“The Law & Justice System in Nigeria – A Book in Honour of Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips (Mrs.) (Rtd.). (ed. Ajibola Ariba and Leke Adepoju) Published by Imprimatur, 2014, pp. 266-312.
“Compendium of Legal Essays in Honour of Chief Idowu Abdulfatai Sofola. Elim Prints & Publications, Lagos, pp. 74-113.
“The Journal of Private and Property Law 2014, University of Lagos, Vol. 32 JPPL, pp. 1 –30.
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